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I've been filing them away, off and on, for the last 25 or 30 years.Some of the quotes included here are fairly well known, others are obscure. "If you know how to cheat, start now."--Baltimore manager Earl Weaver, to pitcher Ross Grimsley on the mound. "People think we make million or million a year. The way to make coaches think you're in shape in the spring is to get a tan. Running a ball club is like raising kids who fall out of trees. I didn't mean to hit the umpire with the dirt, but I did mean to hit that bastard in the stands. If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can't get you off. handjobs) 3rd base (triple) is the use of mouths on the "privates" (ex. An RBI is added on to the end for every person not counting yourself. getting blowjobs from two women would be hitting a triple with 2 RBIs) The "Batter" is yourself when talking about sexual baseball. A "strikeout" occurs when you ask someone to date you and they say no. Boobs are known as the "pitchers mound(s)" A "broken bat" or a "broken glove" is someone who has an STD.A "groundout" or a "flyout" occurs when you ask someone to hookup and they say no. "Balls" are things your partner says or does wrong. A 'broken in glove" is a woman who is not a virgin. So I asked Becky to hookup and she told me no the first time but then I asked again and she said yes. She gave me a blowjob while I felt her up and then we had sex.

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Sometimes all you need is a funny quote on a card, to bring that smile on your friend or loved one's face!At the press conference, Hargrove told him, "I got you off on the right foot, didn't I? "The Yankees are only interested in one thing, and I have no idea what that is."--Yankee outfielder Luis Polonia 7."I had never been to second base."--Philadelphia Phillies pitcher (1983-1990) Don Carman, after getting only his second major league hit (in approximately 80 career at-bats) and being promptly picked off second base. Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams is the only pitcher in history (with a minimum of 500 innings pitched) to have given up more walks than hits. He's from Mexico."--Chicago Cub announcer Harry Caray, grousing about outfielder Jorge Orta misplaying a fly ball. "Any pitcher who deliberately throws at a batter's head is a Communist."--Alvin Dark, manager, San Francisco Giants. This exchange occurred between Cleveland Indians broadcaster Herb Score and his radio partner Nev Chandler.There are many different baseball terms that are also sex baseball terms here they are...1st base (single) is anything involving mouth to mouth contact in a sexual way. making out) 2nd base (double) is the use of hands on or in the "privates" (ex.

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Abolition is also a pre-condition for entry into the Union.

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The fact is that human nature cannot be denied and the % of searches on this subject is testimony to the fact that people want casual matching services.

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