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I just seen this in a store recently and was wondering if you guys know much about it?

i figured itd be a great alternative to water so my question for whomever knows is does the gum actually keep you hydrated or is it just to make you not feel thirsty?

I always carry mints or something just to keep my mouth moist.

Having a dry mouth after smoking a cigarette sucks arse, and if you solve that with more water you end up pissing like a racehorse all day I thought you guys were kidding about dehydrated water.

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So im looking for a tall broad man,some-one who looks after the person they'r...

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Born as Bo-ah Kwon on November 5, 1986, the South Korean artist known as Bo A became involved in the entertainment world at an early age.

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0 games played from what I could tell and 0 trophies I have never heard of this person nor have I met them inside of a game before. I feel like I should have never received this message. and one account which goes by sweetgirlxx or some shit, i don't remember entirely. It's mindblowing how fast AI is advancing, becoming more and more sophisticated, more natural in their simulation of engagement. Computers have long already passed the Turing Test, yet no doubt, still have a ways to go. Originally Posted by Tender Joe As someone that is also 30, this exchange made me chuckle out loud while I was reading through the screenshots. Can't remember their name or what the message preview was, but it was akin to what everyone else is posting about in here. The only thirst I had was for coffee in the morning, or water to spit out of my mouth of laughter.

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With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.